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                            product launch in the market, our Quality is closely tied with our

                            quality manual and documentation system which developed by each

                            operating unit. It gives an overview of our quality system which is

                            supported by high standard operating procedures.

                            To approve our standard levels and explore markets worldwide,

                            international laboratories Kema-Keur, ETL are invited to certify our

                            factory and China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) awarded our company

                            to explore the huge potential market - China. It is a continuous pursuit

                            of quality. We believe, to improve the quality in our work, we are to

                            improve the quality of our life.

                            Beginning with raw materials being

                            controlled and inspected; in-process

                            and final product testing against written

                            specifications; internal inspection based

                            on published sampling plans before a

                            From Raw

                            Materials to

                            End Products

                            RoHS Testing Equipment

                            Hardness Tester

                            High Voltage Test Equipment

                            Workforce in Quality Control

                            Over 10%

                            Test &Analysis


                            Heavy Investment in




                            Annual Factory

                            Inspection by


                            & Independent Certificate

                            & Inspection Organizations